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Frequently Asked Questions

No, I do not take insurance. The significant limitations of the insurance model and the restrictions it places on nutrition providers prevent me from being able to provide a high-touch, evidence-based, personalized level of care to my nutrition clients. Therefore, I have chosen to forgo the insurance system for now. However, you may use an HSA to pay for services and supplements.

Currently, my nutrition coaching business is exclusively telehealth-based, which means I see clients through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software within a HIPAA-compliant client portal. My practice is currently entirely online (telehealth).

CNS stands for "Certified Nutrition Specialist." A CNS is an advanced personalized nutrition practitioner and must have at least a Master of Science or doctoral degree in nutrition, complete a 1000-hour supervised experience internship, and pass the CNS exam. A CNS is qualified to practice medical nutrition therapy.

While the credentials RD (Registered Dietitian) and CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) both signify nutrition expertise, there are some differences between the two. An RD doesn't need a Master's degree (though this has recently changed). An RD typically has more experience working in hospital settings, whereas a CNS has more experience working in functional medicine clinics and private nutrition practices.

I am a CNS and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN). I have completed extensive nutrition training, education, and internships to obtain the CNS certification and LDN license.

I work with one-on-one clients in the United States, with the exception of the following states (for licensing reasons): Virginia, Tennessee, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Alabama, Delaware, and Maryland. If you live in one of these states or outside the United States, I encourage you to sign up for my email list, where you can stay tuned for future nutrition course offerings that will be available to individuals throughout the United States.

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