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Nutrition counseling for active mountain athletes ready to elevate their performance and conquer mountains.

It's time to stop second-guessing
your nutrition choices.

mountain athlete nutritionist colorado
  • Am I eating the right foods to support my health and performance?
  • I'm training hard but not reaching my athletic goals. Could my nutrition be hindering my performance?
  • I want to reach my peak potential and support my long-term health.
    How can I balance these goals?

Because you're ready to thrive on AND off the trails

Imagine this...

Scaling rock climbing routes with strength and precision, mastering the art of vertical adventures.
Racing through rugged terrains, conquering obstacles with finesse and agility.
Hiking the mountains with determination and courage, reaching summits that touch the sky.
Carving down the slopes with grace and skill, seeking the thrill of fresh powder.
Conquering the trails with speed and endurance, leaving no peak unexplored.
Trekking through vast wilderness, carrying your dreams and essentials on your back.

All while feeling confident about your nutrition—knowing every choice is enhancing your performance (while embracing your love for adventure).

It's time to focus on your nutrition and overall wellbeing.

As your sports nutritionist, I'll be your partner helping you to optimize your nutrition, so you can focus on your mountain adventures.

You'll be able to wake up to new challenges because you're finally fueled and, wait a sec... did you just get even closer to achieving your dream goal?!

With a done-for-you nutrition plan in hand.

Your performance will soar—without nutrition doubts or struggles.

‘Cause you don't have time for uncertainty.

You KNOW your nutrition and well-being can elevate your game.

mountain athlete nutritionist colorado
colorado sports dietitian

If I could give Lindsay 10 stars, I would!
She is knowledgeable, responsive, thorough, and beyond competent. She has helped me improve my health through diet and selected supplements.

Nutrition Client

What to expect

Schedule a free discovery Call

This is a free 20-minute call to learn if we are good fit for each other and an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Book a nutrition package

I offer 2 and 4 month nutrition counseling packages. We can discuss which one will be the best fit for your needs.

Initial Consultation

Once you've completed onboarding as a new client, you will have your initial consultation with me for 60 minutes via my HIPAA-compliant client portal, Practice Better.

Follow-up Sessions

Continue your journey through follow-up appointments, where we will work to refine and adjust your plan along the way.

You'll have...

  • A custom nutrition plan designed just for you, based on your goals and health needs.
  • Easy-to-follow advice for your overall health and well-being
  • Stay on track with support and guidance on your journey to peak performance.
  • Fuel your passion for the outdoors with sustainable nutrition that respects both your health and the environment.

Nutrition Packages

Biomarker Testing

these panels test markers that aren't often checked by a doctor. Many healthcare providers aren't familiar with the optimal ranges for biomarkers for athletes, whereas Inside Tracker is uniquely designed to provide athlete-specific insights.

Metabolic Efficiency Testing & Analysis

A metabolic efficiency test is a type of sub-maximal exercise and nutrition test (not the same as a VO2 max test) that depicts how the body uses internal stores of fat and carbohydrates during exercise. The data from your test can be used to determine what nutrition strategies will best help your health and performance, how you should exercise, and your unique nutrient requirements during training without having to depend on calorie ranges from research.

Subsequent analysis by a professional trained in Metabolic Efficiency Training™, which I provide through my Metabolic Efficiency Test Analysis service, can help you determine the exercise and nutrition strategies that will help you optimize your health and athletic performance.

Metabolic Efficiency Testing and Analysis gives you the information you need to implement a Metabolic Efficiency Training™ plan. Metabolic Efficiency Training can help with:

  • Decrease/eliminate GI distress during exercise
  • Improve body composition by enhancing your ability to burn fat for fuel
  • Improve health markers and reduce the risk of chronic health issues
  • Improve relationship with food

Just starting out?

If you'd like insight into your nutrition as a mountain athlete but aren't ready to sign up for a package, the Sports Nutrition Consult is an excellent way to start your nutrition and athletic optimization journey!

The introductory Sports Nutrition Consult is a one-hour, standalone consultation in which we'll discuss your nutrition, athletic performance, and health goals. After this consultation, I will create a personalized sports nutrition plan that includes fueling, hydration, and nutrient timing recommendations to get you started! If you want to continue working together after the consultation, you can choose from one of my sports nutrition packages.

The cost of the introductory Sports Nutrition Consult is $250.

If you're interested in this option, you can start by scheduling your free discovery call via the button below!


I'm Lindsay

I used to feel worn-out and sluggish during training because my nutrition strategies were all wrong.

But once I learned how to fuel my body right, my endurance, stamina, and recovery went through the roof!

Now, as a sports nutritionist, I love helping mountain athletes like you boost your performance and overall health.

Let's work together one-on-one to create a personalized plan with easy meal ideas and smart supplements. Get ready for epic mountain adventures!

Lindsay Christensen Dietitian Nutritionist Colorado


mountain sport nutritionist colorado
I started to have some health issues about a year and half ago, Lindsay took the time to get to know my lifestyle, we looked at a lot of data, and created a plan to help me feel better. She surfaced issues my medical provider had not and I am in a completely different place than I was last year.

Something I really appreciate about Lindsay is her curiosity and listening skills–she is NOT a one size fits all practitioner.
Nutrition Client
mountain sport nutritionist colorado

I’ve been on a journey to health for many, many years – she had information I hadn’t yet come across AND her recipes are delicious. She was able to meet me exactly where I was in any given week and provided tender yet direct guidance.

I am so excited to see how my life will transform from here and owe much of this to Lindsay’s advice.
Nutrition Client

Frequently Asked Questions

No, I do not take insurance. Health insurance providers do not cover sports nutrition. In addition, I have learned through experience that the restrictions posed by insurance make it impossible for me to serve clients in the way that best supports their health and well-being; therefore, I do not work with insurance. However, you may use an HSA to pay for services and supplements.

Currently, my nutrition coaching business is exclusively telehealth-based, which means I see clients through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software within a HIPAA-compliant client portal. My practice is currently entirely online (telehealth).

A CNS is a Certified Nutrition Specialist. A CNS is an advanced personalized nutrition practitioner who must have a Masters or doctoral degree (most have a Masters degree in Human Nutrition, like me), complete a 1,000-hour supervised experience internship that achieves a set of clearly defined practice competencies, and pass the CNS exam. CNSs are required to recertify every five years and complete 75 hours of continuing education credits. 

The CNS credential demonstrates that certified individuals have the knowledge and proficiency required for advanced professional nutrition practice. The CNS certification program is administered by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ (BCNS℠), an independent credentialing organization associated with the American Nutrition Association® (ANA). The ANA is the professional association for the science and practice of personalized nutrition. CNSs are qualified to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and advanced personalized nutrition care. 

For more information about the CNS scope of practice, please see the following document

While the credentials RD (Registered Dietitian) and CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) both signify nutrition expertise, there are some differences between the two. An RD doesn't need to have master's degree (though this has recently changed).

CNSs are not as well-recognized as RDs (yet), but we are a rapidly growing demographic of highly-qualified and educated professional nutrition providers occupying positions in private nutrition practice, hospitals, medical clinics, industry, and research! 

I work with clients in the United States, except the following states (for licensing reasons):

  • Virginia

  • Montana

  • South Dakota

  • Nebraska

  • Iowa

  • Missouri

  • Alabama

  • Delaware

  • Maryland

Ready to start your adventure?

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